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How do we ensure we are as sustainable as possible here at Lakeland Gifts?

Recycling is one of our main focuses here at Lakeland Gifts, we reuse all of our cardboard for our hamper razzle (the shredded bits that zhoosh up your hampers).
We have an onsite shredder that shreds almost all of our waste cardboard which means we have next to no cardboard waste to send for recycling. All waste glass and plastic containers are sent for recycling.

Energy and water management are fundamentally important to our business. If we can re-use the water we use in our distillation process that can help to keep our usage low. Also as it comes out hot it saves on energy in heating water. Lights in infrequently used rooms are motion triggered to ensure they are not left on when not needed. All lights are low energy saving LED in the whole building.

We always seek to source and use local fruit and other produce for our syrups, chutneys, liqueurs and preserves, cutting down on transport and supporting local where we can.

Every activity and every product we make has an impact on the environment and every part of our business can help save resources. Regardless of the product, whether it’s jam, chutney, liqueurs or even syrups, the dedication to conservation is there.

Our new 250ml lightweight aluminium cans chill quickly, are crushable, infinitely recyclable, and have a lesser impact on carbon footprint. Read more about this here.

We continually look for new ways to help our environment and welcome change, if we can adapt our way of working to make a positive impact then we will.

If you have any questions or would like more detailed information about ways in which we’re working to protect the environment, please do get in touch.