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Cocktail Syrup Tasting Set

Lakeland Artisan

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We are proud of our fruit syrups, intensely flavoured, all are made from quality natural ingredients and all are suitable for vegans.

They are super versatile: they can be enjoyed:-

  • Creating fruity non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • Adding a little to your breakfast yoghurt, or ice cream dessert for a delicious hit of fruity flavour.
  • Mixing with soda or tonic for a long non-alcoholic drink.
  • Add a dash to a flute before you pour your prosecco in for a taste sensation.
  • Mixing equal parts with your favourite spirit and serve over ice - Voila! Instant "Liqueur" without the tedious wait of steeping your own.


Four 4cl miniature bottles of syrup for prosecco or gin.

Contains Raspberry Syrup, Damson Syrup, Herbaceous Strawberry Syrup and Cherry Syrup.